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 +===== Account list =====
 +The list of [[..:account|accounts]] is initial entry point of ProfiMail user interface.
 +This list shows all [[.:account_order|enabled]] accounts. Each account is expandable by clicking arrow on the left side.
 +Upon expanding, account's folders are shown below account entry in the list.
 +Clicking a folder opens a [[.:message_list|Message list]] with all messages downloaded for given folder.
 +==== Folders ====
 +A folder named INBOX is always first in the folder list. This is the folder where incoming messages are being stored.
 +Another folders may follow, either those present on mail server (in case of IMAP account), or locally defined [[..:folder|folders]].
 +Some folders may contain another folders. In such case, folder has expand arrow on left side, same like shown for account. This allows expanding/collapsing folder hierarchy.
 +==== Folder synchronization ====
 +Folders are automatically synchronized with server folders when account is checked for new mail.
 +Folders that are no longer present on mail server are removed from device, while new folders that appear on mail server are created on device.