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 +===== Message list =====
 +The message list shows a collection of messages from one or more folders.
 +The source for message list may be one of these:
 +  * Single [[..:folder|folder]]
 +  * [[..:combined_folder|Combined folder]]
 +  * [[..:op:global_search|Global search]]
 +  * [[.:conversation|Conversation]]
 +  * Folders of [[..:widget:widget|widget]]
 +Each of these sources produce a list of messages that are shown here.
 +Operations made on entire list are at command bar located at top of screen (such as search, sort, etc).\\ 
 +Operations made on one or more messages are located on another command bar located below message list.
 +Messages are sorted by active [[..:sorting|sorting mode]].
 +==== Message entry ====
 +{{ .:msg_entry.png?nolink|}}
 +Single message entry may display following information:
 +  * Sender's name or email
 +  * Sender's icon ((photo if sender's email is found in contacts, and there is photo associated with contact, or generic icon if email is in contacts but there's no photo))
 +  * Subject
 +  * Date and time when message was sent or received
 +  * Size of message (including attachments)
 +  * [[profimail:message_icons|Message icon]], showing state of message ((read/attachments/starred/draft/etc))
 +  * Color of message's account on left ((shown only if there're multiple folders shown in the list))
 +  * Expand/collapse button and icon on left ((shown only if message is part of conversation thread))
 +  * multi-selection button on right, by which multiple messages may be marked
 +==== Multi-selection ====
 +{{ .:multi-select.png?nolink|}}
 +Multiple messages may be selected at once by clicking (and dragging) selection icon at right side of message entry. When there is multi-selection, a command bar changes to show number of selected messages, and operations allowed on these.
 +== Select all messages == using menu Mark -> All
 +== Clear selection == clicking leftmost button on multi-select command bar
 +==== Message preview ====
 +There's a preview of single active message. It may be located below or to right of message list ((depending on screen size and orientation)).
 +Message preview may be shown or hidden. Hiding it may be useful when you want to see more of messages in the list (on a smaller screen).
 +=== Message preview options ===
 +Message shown in the preview may be zoomed in/out (by using multi-touch gesture).
 +The preview has also **Options** button located at top-right corner of its area. When pressed, several options appear at title command bar:
 +  * **Zoom** in/out (by using buttons)
 +  * **Search** in message text shown in the preview
 +  * **Options** related to message preview
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