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 +===== Message viewer =====
 +This is a viewer of message on entire screen.
 +The viewer shows message text in major part of screen. Additionally, viewer shows other items:
 +  * subject
 +  * sender
 +  * date
 +  * attachments
 +==== Navigating to previous or next message ====
 +It is possible to swipe screen to left/right to go to previous or next message in a message list. While swiping, a message counter starts appearing at bottom of screen. When the counter becomes blue, and you release finger, message is switched.
 +The list of message depends on parent activity that was used before entering message viewer. Typically message viewer is opened from [[.:message_list|Message list]], so the list being navigated is those of message list.\\
 +In case that message viewer was opened from other place, there may be no logical previous/next message, so message switching won't be available.
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