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 +===== Signature editor =====
 +This is editor that allows you to edit [[..:signatures|Signatures]].
 +Signature editor presents a list of signatures, where initially only signature names are visible.
 +You can expand individual signatures to see their body, or you can use buttons at top to expand/collapse all signatures, in order to see all signatures completely.
 +It is possible to:
 +  * Create new signature
 +  * Delete existing signature
 +  * Rename signature
 +  * Edit signature text
 +  * Select Accounts where particular signature will be automatically inserted
 +==== Editing signature text ====
 +Either click on Signature body, or click on Signature's [[profimail:context_menu|context button]] and choose Edit from menu.
 +Signature may contain [[..:rich_text|rich text]], this means you may change text colors, size, and other attributes, as well as add images.
 +==== Images in signature ====
 +It is possible to either link to image on web, or store image directly into signature.
 +=== Image from web ===
 +These images merely store address of image on a website. Benefit is that email message will be smaller, on other hand, it is possible that recipient's email client will block loading of such images, and they won't be visible. If the image on web will be deleted, the image in your signature will become invalid.
 +Use of linked image is ideal for example for company logo.\\ //In order to add image from web, you need to know exact link to the image (for example from address bar of a web browser).//
 +=== Embedded image ===
 +Image embedded in a signature is always sent in message where the signature is used. This makes the message slightly larger. On other hand, you have more control how the image will look, as you can set exact size of image being saved to signature.\\ //Note: it's only possible to shrink original image, making it smaller than original.//
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