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ProfiMail Go for Android - licensing for customers of previous version

ProfiMail Go (version 4.00 and higher) is licensed on subscription basis.

Customers that purchased license of previous version 3.56 or lower (for any platform) will have their license automatically converted to ProfiMail Go subscription worth of 3 years, or at least until August 31 2013, whatever is later.

This means that their 3 year subscription has begun since date of purchase of their license, and will expire 3 years after that date, or on August 31 2013 if license purchase time was before August 31 2010.
All this won't affect ProfiMail 3.56 license, which will keep working in parallel with ProfiMail Go.

The license is associated with customer's Google email address, which is configured as user's account on Android device 1). ProfiMail Go automatically checks if user's Gmail account is associated with previous license.

If you have valid ProfiMail license, and ProfiMail Go doesn't recognize it, please use our Support link with your purchase details and your Gmail email address, and we'll update your Gmail address in our records.

If you have valid license for ProfiMail 3.56 (for Symbian or Windows Mobile), this license transform won't affect that version, it will remain working, since it used device IMEI for checking license, and this won't be changed.

1) May be primary or secondary Google account.
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