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Licensing and purchasing

ProfiMail Go is licensed on subscription basis. The license to use it is sold for certain period of time.

:info: Since year 2017, there is just one-time payment to purchase the application. With this change, any previous purchase of subscription is recognized (even if it's already expired).
Also purchases of previous Symbian version are recognized if we have user's Google account in our records. If not, write us with your purchase details and Google email address and we'll solve it.

The license is associated with user's Google account's email address.

Using ProfiMail on more devices

License works on all user's devices, where given email address is configured as primary or secondary Google account.

License status may be checked on device in About dialog.

Purchasing license

Click on Buy ProfiMail Go license from inside ProfiMail to start purchasing.

Basically there are two types of available licenses: * Monthly billed * Yearly billed Once purchased, license is valid to end of subscription period, and is automatically renewed (and billed again) at end of its expiration. These terms are defined by Google Play subscriptions.

:info: There is just one type of license, and that is lifetime license (that is for as long as the application is used and working).

Customer may cancel ProfiMail Go subscription anytime from Google Play application on Android device. Payment paid until this period are not returned, however there won't be any more billing, and license remains valid to end of its expiration date. Uninstalling the app will not automatically stop your subscription - you must actively cancel the subscription. If you uninstall ProfiMail Go but don't cancel your subscription first, you will still be charged.

Free trial period

ProfiMail Go offers free 14 trial days before billing occurs. After purchasing, new customers get free 14 days when their payment card is not billed, and they can cancel their purchase during this time anytime without any payment. If purchase is not canceled, the billing occurs at end of trial time. Number of trial days is shown in the purchase dialog.

Using ProfiMail for free

It is possible to use ProfiMail without purchasing license, however there are limitations in free version.

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