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 +===== Adding attachment =====
 +During [[..:activity:composer|message composing]], you can add a file to be attached to the message. Any file type may be attached.
 +==== Attaching file ====
 +Files may be added with help of a file manager (possibly [[..:xplore|X-plore]]).
 +File may be located on device, or in other location. For example, X-plore allows to attach files residing anywhere on device or in a Cloud server.
 +:tip: If you have enabled [[..:xplore|X-plore]] as preferred file manager, you can override this by long-pressing the //Choose file// button. In such case, standard dialog will be shown for choosing which app to use to pick attachment.
 +==== Taking and attaching photos ====
 +For convenience, it is possible to take a photo using camera, and attach it to composed message.
 +==== Attachment's file name ====
 +It is possible to rename attachment prior to sending. This is the file name that recipient will see for attached file. However, do not change file extension, as file could become unreadable by recipient.
 +==== Shrinking images ====
 +If attachment is an image (attached as file, or taken by camera), it is possible to shrink the image prior to sending. There are few steps (in percent) by which image would be shrunk, with display of final image resolution and mega-pixels value.\\
 +Multiple selected image attachments may be also shrunk at once, however in such case there's no information about size.
 +:tip: It's a good idea to send smaller versions of your high-quality photos to someone. Some photos may be very large for being sent by email message, mainly if you send many photos in one message.\\
 +//Note: Photo shrinking preserves JPEG [[wp>Exif|Exif]] data, so your GPS location or other data stored in photo will be preserved.//