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 +===== Export settings =====
 +This allows to export ProfiMail settings:
 +  * Database containing [[..:account|account]] configuration, [[..:folder|folders]] and [[..:signatures|signatures]]
 +  * [[..:config|Configuration]]
 +  * [[..:rules|Rules]]
 +If you click //Export downloaded data//, additional data will be stored into exported settings:
 +  * Database containing all messages
 +  * Message attachments
 +:info: If you choose to export downloaded data, size of exported file may grow significantly, as well as time needed to export it.
 +==== Exported file ====
 +Settings are exported into SD card to file named ****.\\
 +Format of exported file is Zip. Although it is possible to see what's inside of this Zip file (in a file manager), it is not recommended to alter content of the exported file, otherwise data could become corrupted when being imported.
 +==== Usage ====
 +Exporting setting is useful for case that you want to use ProfiMail on more devices (so that you can transfer exported file to other device and import it there), or for backup purposes.
 +See also: [[.:import_settings|Import settings]]
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