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 +===== New account =====
 +Process of adding a new Account.
 +To begin, type your email address and password.
 +ProfiMail will try to automatically determine settings needed to connect to your mail account.
 +When auto-configuration completes, successfully or not, you'll have possibility to [[..:activity:edit_account|Edit account]] settings.
 +Account will be definitely added when you click Save in the Account editor.
 +==== Automatic configuration ====
 +ProfiMail will attempt to automatically detect mail settings in this order:
 +  - [[|Mozilla autoconfiguration]] - settings stored on your mail server, or in Mozilla database.
 +  - Detection by probing mail server and trying to log in, using provided email address and password.\\ IMAP protocol is preferred over POP3 in auto-detection. See also [[..:imap_vs_pop3|IMAP vs POP3]].