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Share message

Sharing message means sending its content (body) and possibly other message data to some other application installed on device.


  • Print message
  • Send text by Bluetooth
  • Upload to cloud server
  • Send by chat
  • Or simply send somewhere else

Available applications for sending depend on what kind of applications are installed on your device.

What is being shared

ProfiMail prepares message body (in rich text format), subject and addresses for sending. Unfortunately, attachments or embedded images can't be shared along with message text.

In reality, most Android applications convert shared text to plain text, that means that any colors and other formatting is lost.

Currently there's no clever way how to share message in all its beauty (including inline images and text formatting) to some other application on Android.

So you can consider that sharing message simply sends its body as plain text to some other application that can do something useful with the text.

See also: Printing

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