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Experiments for power-users

This help page is for power-users who want to try experimental or internal functions of X-plore which are not exposed in normal Configuration. These functions are experimental, in testing, or just too specific for most users. Maybe some of these functions will get officially into the app.

Creating configuration file

Create a new text file in device's Internal memory with name “.x-plore.ini”. X-plore reads this during start. Note that this file will be normally hidden, if you want to see it, choose to show hidden files.

Applying configuration file

The file is read when X-plore starts. So if you edit the file in a text editor, changes should be read and applied automatically when you return back to X-plore main app.
However, some settings may require that X-plore is closed and opened again, or even killed and then opened.
If there is error in syntax of the file, it will be shown in small popup window.


The definition file for these experiments is normal text file.
Each function starts by section name in format #<section_name>.
Character ';' specify comment, all character after it to end of line are ignored .
Parameters for particular section follow section name on next lines until another section is defined or until end of file.


Following are sections that are recognized, with added example.


This is for general options not fitting to own category.


; open web links in external web browser:

; don't put version name into filename of APK files:

; WiFi SSIDs on which WiFi sharing will be automatically started (works on Android 5+)
wifiAutoStart = home, work ; comma-separated SSIDs

; Don't create thumbnails from remote locations


This allows to rewrite how extensions are handled. There are two modes:

1) Assign particular file type identified by extension to be always opened by given application. Those applications are identified by package name, which you can see in X-plore's App manager.
Each line defines one association in format <extension> = <package name>

pdf =
txt = com.example.viewer

2) Treat extension as another type of extension.
Each line defines one association in format <extension> = <extension>

jar = zip


Set colors. Each color is defined in html color format.

bgndDark = #FF8030 ; background color for dark theme
bgndLight = #302000 ; background color for light theme


Change defaults of Vault.

dir = /sdcard/vault ; change folder location of vault


Change details of LAN connection.

smbv2 ; prefer to use SMBv2 protocol over SMBv1

more to come later

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