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 +===== X-plore privacy policy =====
 +X-plore does not collect user's private information, such as Google username, accounts, etc, except of for functionality provided by application.\\
 +X-plore does not show ads.\\
 +X-plore does not access or use device location.
 +X-plore can:
 +  * read/write/delete in device's internal or external memory
 +  * send or receive data over Internet (as result of user interaction with the app)
 +  * play music or video
 +  * and provide all the functions as described on [[|X-plore website]]
 +==== Login details to network services ====
 +Since X-plore allows connecting to various Interned services such as FTP, Google Drive, etc, the app may ask user for login details (username and password).\\
 +For services where this is possible, X-plore uses OAuth method of logging, where service's own web page is used to get access token, and X-plore doesn't keep login details at all.\\
 +For services where this is not possible (such as FTP), X-plore stores login details in its private configuration file (not accessible by other apps) in encrypted form, so that password is not readable even on rooted device.
 +==== Explanation of needed permissions ====
 +X-plore requests following permissions for given purpose:
 +  * **Internet** - access to network file servers, and other network-related functionality
 +  * **Access/change WiFi state** - for providing WiFi sharing function
 +  * **Read/write external storage** - for file management
 +  * **In-app purchases** - to allow [[.:donations|donations]]
 +  * **Identity** - to get Google accounts for Google services (Drive and Picasa)
 +  * **Prevent device from sleeping** - for proper work of long-lasting operations
 +==== Crash reports ====
 +When X-plore crashes, it sends crash report to [[|crashlytics]], which is a development tool from Google for improving applications and make them crash-free.
 +Crash report contain anonymous data:
 +  * date of posting
 +  * app version
 +  * details about device (model, make, android version, etc)
 +  * stack trace - actual information about the crash, describing locations into app's source code where the crash happened; this information doesn't store anything personal
 +Crash reports are sent automatically when app crashes, and don't contain any personal information.