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 +===== WiFi sharing with Tasker =====
 +Here is short manual how to automatically enable WiFi sharing when connecting to your WLAN, using [[|Tasker]] app.
 +Download and install Tasker, and start it.
 +Switch to //Tasks// tab, you need to create two tasks there, one for WiFi sharing on, other for off.
 +For this, click the + button at bottom, type a name (such as "WiFi sharing on") and confirm. Then click + to add an Action, and choose //System//, then //Send Intent//. In following screen, fill these fields:
 +  * Action: on
 +  * Package: com.lonelycatgames.Xplore
 +  * Class: com.lonelycatgames.Xplore.WiFiToggleService
 +  * Target: Service
 +Click back button, the action will be saved and you're back in //Task Edit// screen.
 +At this point, you can test the action by clicking launch arrow at bottom left. If written correctly, X-plore's WiFi sharing should become enabled.
 +Now go back to //Tasks//, and repeat steps above to create task for disabling WiFi sharing, except for //Action// you will write "off" instead of "on". You can also use copy/paste to copy the "Send Intent" item to save some typing.\\
 +Again you can test the task to check if X-plore's WiFi sharing will be disabled.
 +Now that you have both On/Off tasks created, switch to the //Profiles// tab in Tasker. You have to create condition when those tasks will be run.
 +Click + at bottom of screen, and select //State//, then select //Net//, and //Wifi Connected//. Now setup desired parameters, mostly you may want to setup //SSID//, which you can select from a list by clicking on //Search// button. But you may also protect it with //MAC// so that it really works only on your WLAN. Finally click back button, and the action will be saved.\\
 +Now pick task to be run when WiFi network connects, this would be your "WiFi sharing on" task you created.\\
 +To add the "off" task, long-click on right side of the action where you see the "on" task, and from popup menu choose //Add Exit Task//, and pick your defined "WiFi sharing off" task.
 +If all done correctly, you can test it all by enabling/disabling WiFi on device, or switching WLAN on/off. X-plore's WiFi sharing should be enabled/disabled automatically.
 +Following are few screenshots from Tasker to show the results.
 +{{:xplore:wifitasker1.png?direct&200|}} {{:xplore:wifitasker2.png?direct&200|}} \\
 +{{:xplore:wifitasker3.png?direct&200|}} {{:xplore:wifitasker4.png?direct&200|}}