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Music player

X-plore contains music player that can play audio tracks from any location that X-plore can browse. That means tracks can be played from device memory, zip file, network locations, etc.


Music player is started by clicking on some audio file (that is file which has extension of audio file), or by using Play menu item on a folder. The music player searches all audio files in current folder as well as in sub-folders, and automatically adds all found tracks to playlist.


The music player has two main control points:

  • full-screen activity with controls, album art and playlist
  • notification in status bar with simplified controls

You can skip tracks, seek within track, and use playlist browser.

Playing in background

The music player always creates background service (with notification) when it starts. This means that music will continue to play also when you close the music player screen.
In case that you wish to stop music playback when leaving the player screen, you can use Stop menu item from music player, or pause playback before closing music player, then music won’t continue to play in background.

When music plays in background, X-plore browser shows music icon in its menu bar, this can be used to return to current playlist. Same may be achieved by clicking music player’s notification in status bar.


As mentioned, playlist is created automatically from file’s folder. Playlist is shown by clicking on album art image in the music player screen. The playlist allows to skip directly to desired track, it shows order of tracks, and allows to remove track from playlist or even delete the track’s file.

Track sorting

Tracks in playlist are sorted (and played) either in same order as files are listed in X-plore’s browser, or they are shuffled which results in random playback of tracks. The selection may be changed from player’s menu.

Album art

There is album art shown for currently played track. It is downloaded automatically from available meta-data (artist / album). Downloaded images are cached locally on device in order to limit network usage.

It is also possible to have your own album image for some folder with music. To do so, put image named folder.jpg to the folder and it will be displayed for all music files in the folder.

Clicking on screen element that shows artist/album/title shows a menu from which you can do web search for currently played track. You can search details about currently played track or artist, or attempt to play related video from YouTube.